General Availability of People Analytics - First Half 2020 Release

Senior Participant

I am pleased to announce the release of General Availability for People Analytics which will be available as part of the First Half 2020 Release. When I first joined SAP SuccessFactors three years ago, what fascinated me most was the organization’s potential to leverage a set of untapped technologies and capabilities. A particular solution was the SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC), connecting the power, flexibility, and usability of our technology to the entire SAP SuccessFactors product suite. What’s more, with hundreds of dedicated developers focused on continuous improvement of the latest and greatest capabilities, we are providing an industry recognized solution that will endure over time.


Our bold vision extends beyond embedding SAC as our reporting tool to leveraging it for advanced analytics and planning. This way customers can utilize one tool for all their analytical needs from simple dashboards, to powerful predictions, and planning that combines data from multiple sources across SAP and beyond. A single solution can empower our customers to generate insights with ease and readily deliver them to business stakeholders quickly and conveniently.


Fast forward to today and the fact is, we have discussed People Analytics for some time now and the task has been nothing short of monumental. Our teams have pushed SAP Analytics Cloud into new directions and territories. It has involved a shift from a standalone analytics solution to one that can be embedded directly into a transactional application, seamlessly connecting objects and permissions in a way that is performant and easy to use.


The highly anticipated solution as part of the First Half 2020 Release would not have been possible without the 40 customers that participated in our Early Adopter program, enabling us to collect feedback on usability, performance, and feature functionality to arrive at this momentous release. We also want to recognize our mentor partners who helped us simplify the IAS migration which was a key enabler for the global solution. People Analytics will allow for business improvements to be easily measured and quantified. As a result, customers will have a deeper understanding of what is happening across the business. Reporting tools will unify into a single vantage point, visualizations will be modernized, permissions streamlined, data easily accessible by any administrator to derive value, and story creation made easy all directly through the HXM platform.


There is still a lot more to be done. While the solution is packed with recruiting, employee central, compensation, talent, time, and benefits data, notably, learning data is not yet included. We will continue to expand the capabilities and feature set in every release. Furthermore, this release for People Analytics is just part of our strategy. Although at this time, we do not have a target date set for the rollout of advanced analytics leveraging SAC, we are wholly invested for the long term in delivering on the vision set out for People Analytics. In the meantime, our Workforce Analytics product will continue to be our solution for time-trended, aggregate analysis across hundreds of talent metrics.


We are excited about what the First Half 2020 Release will bring and look forward to hearing your comments and feedback on the SAP SuccessFactors Community as we partner to implement the many new features and functionalities that this release will deliver.


Your partner,

Amy Wilson