Why you should take this free course on Human Experience Management (HXM)

Steven Hunt
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Why you should take this free course on Human Experience Management (HXM)

Steven T. Hunt, Ph.D.


Most of my customer conversations focus on discussing methods and best practices related to using “human experience management” (HXM) technology to drive business outcomes.  This is why I was excited when I was asked to create a comprehensive course titled “Human Experience Management (HXM) - the next phase of HR”.  Part of this excitement was the opportunity to make answers to critical HXM questions easily accessible to anyone around the globe. But even more was the opportunity to assemble a team of HXM experts to identify what these critical questions are and jointly develop the best possible answers.


This course is delivered by eleven of SAP’s most knowledgeable HXM experts. These people hold a range of roles across SAP, each looking at different yet complementary aspects of HXM.  Listed below is a brief description of the course presenters and the topics they cover during the course:


Andy Shean, Vice President Global Learning & Engagement, SAP SuccessFactors. Building off extensive experience applying innovative solutions to enable learning & development, Andy discusses the role employee experience plays in supporting employee career growth, knowledge acquisition and skill development.


Ben Granger, Senior Principal XM Catalyst, SAP Qualtrics. Drawing on experience building, running & optimizing employee experience programs across numerous Fortune 500 organizations, Ben covers topics related to the discipline of understanding and influencing different elements of employee experience.


Brett Addis, Global Vice President HR Transformation Advisory, SAP SuccessFactors. Building off his experience guiding global organizations through development and execution of HR strategies, Brett addresses critical leadership and governance issues that impact a company’s ability to develop, implement and sustain HXM programs and initiatives.

Emily Wilson, Cross Portfolio Solution Marketing, SAP SuccessFactors.  Reflecting on a diversity of work supporting HXM as well as other areas such as analytics, security and finance that are not commonly associated with employee experience, Emily discusses what it means to adopt an “HXM mindset” across the broader organization.


Greg Selke, Vice President HR Value Advisory, SAP SuccessFactors.  Drawing on experience both leading large HR organizations and advising HR professionals on using technology to achieve HR and business goals, Greg discusses how to use HXM concepts to create more inclusive, agile, efficient, supportive and healthy company cultures. 


Marcus Wolf, Principal Consultant Employee Experience, SAP Qualtrics.  Drawing on his work helping organizations build capabilities to deliver business results through creating better employee experiences, Marcus explains how to use HXM methods to improve the critical relationship between employees and their managers.


Patrick Ashamalla, Senior Director of Product Design, SAP SuccessFactors.  Based on work

designing world-class digital products that deliver a cohesive experience aligned with the ecosystems in which people use them, Patrick explains key principles for using employee centric design principles to guide the development and use of HXM solutions.    

Robert Richardson, Human Experience Advisor, SAP SuccessFactors.  Reflecting his extensive work helping organizations use technology to recruit better talent and build stronger workforces, Robert discusses how to design and staff jobs in ways that maximize candidate and employee experience. 


Steve Bennetts,  Head of Growth & Strategy for Employee Experience, SAP Qualtrics. Using his experience developing employee experience and human-centered technologies across a range of applications, Steve discusses methods for linking experience (X) and operational (O) data to create more productive, agile and resilient companies. 


Steven Hunt, Chief Expert Work & Technology, SAP Innovation Office.  Based on experience creating technology enabled systems that have improved productivity and engagement of millions of employees around the globe, Steve discusses core concepts of HXM, why it matters more to businesses now than in the past, and future HXM trends and directions.


Susan Thomas, Director Solution Marketing, SAP SuccessFactors.  Drawing on experience working with the full suite of HXM solutions and supporting customers with HXM transformation, Susan discusses key components of HXM critical to engaging, guiding and rewarding employees.   


Never before has such a diverse and in-depth set of HXM experts been brought together on one project.  Many of these experts had never met prior to this course. And the content of the course reflects the rich and informative discussions these experts had around what HXM means and how to do it well.


If you are interested in concepts related to the design, deployment and use of HXM concepts and solutions then this is probably the single best course you can take. It is a unique chance to learn directly from people who are living on the frontlines of HXM development and adoption.  I am confident that you will enjoy and gain as much from attending this course as I did in helping to create it.


Course Details:


Human Experience Management (HXM) – the next phase of HR

The Course is Available Now – Register & Access here

Course Start Date:  October 13th 2020

Course Duration/Effort: 3-Weeks (2 -3 hours per week)

Audience: Open to all – HR Professionals, Customers, Partners, SAP Employees

Course Description: Human Experience Management (HXM) represents a major shift in the focus of human resources (HR) that emphasizes aligning company needs and requirements with employee expectations and experiences.  This course explains what HXM is, how HXM technology is enabling HR to create more agile, adaptive and successful companies, and how to effectively apply HXM concepts in organizations.





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